Copper Brewhouse System


Product Description

Copper brewhouse is a good choice for ginshop, barbecue, restaurant, hotel, beer bar, who brew craftg beer for the customer at scene. The luxury shape, small space demanded, not only has the ornamental value, but also can show the whole process of the brewing to the customer, let them learn the deep cultural connotation of beer. 

The characteristics of this equipment are: fabrication at scene, maintain the freshness and nutrition maximum.


*2, 3 and 4 vessel Brew House Systems (steam or electric heated)

*Available production capacity from 3 – 50bbl Systems

*Red copper or 304 Stainless Steel Construction

*SS“High Grip” brewing platform and Stairs work with sanitary process piping & sanitary valves

*Glass or SS Manways

*Grist Hydrator

*Sanitary wort pump with variable speed control

*Sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system

*Auto PLC Control

*Automatic and Semi-automatic controls


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