Corrosion-resistant Resin Roofing Shingles


Product Name: Corrosion-resistant Resin Roofing Shingles

Company Name: Foshan Star-source Metal products Co.,Ltd.

Address: Foshan Lecong Iron and Steel World zone A fourth road

Description: 1. Corrosion resistance: synthetic resin tile can resist long-term erosion of salt, acid, alkali and other chemical substances;2. Color time: decades of color, the surface is made of weatherproof engineering resin3. Heat insulation: the thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tile is very low, and the heat insulation effect is good;4. Beautiful appearance: synthetic resin tile surface obsession smooth bright, once the rain washed clean as new;5. Fire retardant: resin tile added flame retardant and phosphorus flame retardant, play a good flame retardant role.

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