Cow dung is a good raw material for processing fertilizer in organic fertilizer production line


In modern agricultural production, in order to reduce the pollution of chemical fertilizers, our use of organic fertilizers is becoming more common.

Cow dung is a good raw material for processing organic manure, and cow dung contains high nutrient content and properties for crops and soil: cow dung contains 4%, nitrogen is 0.65%, phosphorus is 0.47% , Potassium is 0.23%.


This line describe the production process of the compound fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process ,it is to be equipped with the rotary drum granulator machine to make the compound fertilizer into granulator by using the wet granulation method.In the line,it is to be equipped with other series fertilizer equipment ,like the fertilizer crusher machine series to finish the grinding process.Besides the rotary drum granulator machine can be used in npk compound fertilizer production process,the roller press granulator machine also can be used in npk fertilizer production line to make npk,compound fertilizer production process.
In the production workshop of the enterprise, cow dung is packaged into organic fertilizer in bags after the process of adding bacteria, stirring and fermentation, drying and cooling. It is reported that companies that use cow dung to produce organic fertilizer


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