Cupping Room Coffee Roastery Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee


Product Name: Cupping Room Coffee Roastery Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee

Company Name: Wuhan Kaweher Electrical Appliance Co., LTD

Address: Dongxihu Electronic Product Production Projects Yintan Rd, Wuhan, Hubei , China

Description: Brand: Kaleido
Type: M2 Pro
Operation System: Artisan System (Manual & automatic roasting modes) on Computer or Win Tablet PC
Connection: By USB/Bluetooth
Intelligent function: Copy, modify and share roasting curves & ROR
Heating capacity: 800W(Universalvoltage 100V~240V)
Roasting time: Instantly rise temperature without delay
Drum: 4-15mins
Chaff collection: Patent,Stainless steel 304 boiler
Cooling: Patient.Automatic chaff collection system
Material content: Stainless steel 60%, aluminum 38%, others 2%
Product size:L450*W250*H360mm(Packing size:545*342*460mm)
Net weight:12KG(+Packing weight:22KG)
Heat/Damper/Drum are alladjustable

Contact: Willing

Telphone: 86-027-18627035322

Fax: 86-027-18627035322

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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