Dehumidification and dedusting control of organic fertilizer production line

  1. Dehumidification of complete set oforganic fertilizer equipment: the critical relative humidity of water to fertilizer (higher than this humidity, the fertilizer will naturally absorb water) is very low, or more easily hygroscopic compounds are formed, which makes water soluble fertilizer rapidly and completely dissolved in water, but also easily leads to moisture absorption and agglomeration of water soluble fertilizer in the production process, poor liquidity, and subsequent processes can not be carried out normally. Therefore, attention should be paid to dehumidification in the production process of water-soluble fertilizer. Common dehumidification methods include freezing dehumidification, hot air dehumidification and adsorption dehumidification. Refrigeration dehumidification is to reduce the air temperature to below the dew point, so that the water vapor in the air can condense and separate out for dehumidification. It mainly has the disadvantages of complex equipment structure, large power consumption, compressor use of Freon, etc., and it is difficult to meet the requirements of low humidity dehumidification due to the influence of the temperature of the cooling medium; The hot air dehumidification is to reduce the relative humidity by heating the air, and to reduce the relative humidity by controlling the temperature, which can not really reduce


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