Different series of fertilizer equipment on the organic fertilizer production line play different roles

We all know about the organic fertilizer,npk fertilizer and so on a series fertilizer which they are to be used in the market.The bio organic fertilizer is also to be designed and used to finish the production process.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,how to produce and use the bio organic fertilizer? The organic fertilizer production line is to be designed and used to produce the organic fertilizer,the bio organic fertilizer production line is also to be designed.

What is the bio organic fertilizer?Biological fertilizer,that is,microbial fertilizer,referred to as bacterial fertilizer,it also known as microbial inoculant.It is a kind of special microorganisms produce which contains a lot of beneficial microorganisms and can fix the nitrogen in the air,activate the nutrients in the soil,improve the nutritional environment of plants,or produce active sunstances and stimulate the growth of plants in the life activities of microorganisms.Biological fertilizer is as important as chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer in agricultural production.
In the bio organic fertilizer production line,it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer equipment to finish the production process,and these machine play the different role in the fertilizer manufacturing process.In the biofertilizer production line,it is to be equipped with the



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