Different uses of Lanyards


Lanyards are attachments that are fastened around the neck, sometimes wrists or belts that help carry various items with ease. There are many Different uses of Lanyards. Some of the most commonly used and seen lanyards are the lanyard for keys, a phone lanyard, an ID lanyard, and key lanyards. Typically, a lanyard works as a harness for ID cards for easy identification or as a safety harness to prevent losing valuable items like keys, cameras, phones, etc.

There are several types of lanyards used in fall protection. From screen-printed custom lanyards to dye-sublimated lanyards, military-like para cord lanyards, and woven cool lanyards. There are different choices of materials too – nylon, tubular, polyestereco-friendly materials like bamboo, and recyclable plastic material. Following is a list of 8 different uses of Lanyards.


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