Domestic garbage tank type organic fertilizer composter is easy to operate and stable to operate


The sludge fermentation organic fertilizer composter is a kind of tank-type fermentation overturning equipment; Tank type composter is a time-saving and power-saving overturning and dumping equipment for fermenting organic fertilizer, which is divided into shallow tank type composter, deep tank type composter and automatic lifting type composter.

The organic fertilizer composter is a widely used organic fertilizer composting equipment at present. It includes a ground walking type composter, a hydraulic crawler type composter, and a trough type composter (dumper). It has the advantages of high fermentation material accumulation, large turnover yield, and material turnover and bottom removal. It is a good choice for large-scale organic fertilizer fermentation, especially for organic fertilizer manufacturers with high cost. The unique track design not only changes the disadvantages of low output of the traditional composting machine that only uses light rail, but also overcomes the disadvantages of high cost of conventional rack and light rail drive and tipping machine drive accessories.

Compared with other composters and fermentation methods, the trough composter has the advantages of high yield, small area of dumping site, material dumping and bottom removal, more moisture reduction in the fermentation process, stable operation of equipment, and low failure rate. Therefore, it is a


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