Dry granulation process commonly used in npk fertilizer production line


Extrusion granulation in organic fertilizer production line is a dry granulation process that uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials. When the solid materials are squeezed, the air between the powder particles is first removed to rearrange the particles to eliminate the gaps between the materials. When the brittle material is squeezed, part of the particles are crushed, and the fine powder fills the gaps between the particles. In this case, if the free chemical bonds on the newly generated surface can not be quickly saturated with atoms or molecules from the surrounding atmosphere, the newly generated surfaces will contact each other and form a strong recombination bond.

Organic fertilizer granulation is a key role in the organic fertilizer production line, when producing the organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer granulation machine are necessary to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process. In organic fertilizer production line, we can use the double roller press machine which it is also to be equipped in organic fertilizer production line to finish the production process of the organic fertilizer granulator.
The double roller granulator machine generally to be used by using the dry granulation method to finish the production



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