El arte de escribir cartas personales: 7 elementos básicos


disposition placed you when you got a decent handwritten letter or note out of the pile of bills that occasionally turns into extra stuff for your mailbox? After retrieving a large box loaded with a variety of high school and school items from my mother’s house, I found in the rare base a smaller box containing letters that had recently been communicated to me from my classmates. lifetime. Most likely there were about fifty cards in this case before I got rid of them. I could not oppose the latter with an open door to read them all once more. After an hour or so of tireless reading, I made some hot tea and sat down to continue my excursion “back through a world of fond memories.” I rewrote most of my letters, particularly assuming I made a spelling mistake or again in case my sentence structure wasn’t what I expected it to be. Based on the amount of paper I wasted altering, can you imagine I was mailing them to a



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