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In simple words, the heart would be made up of muscular tissue and controlled by electrical conduction between the heart’s chambers. The ecg electrode placement would be implanted on the chest, legs, and arms in certain locations. When this electrode is linked to the ECG, the heart’s activity is measured and printed for the following explanation. Electrocardiography, often known as an ekg, is a type of examination that evaluates the electrical system of the heart to look for signs of heart disease. It makes use of electrodes on the chest to track the charges generated by the heart as it beats, which are then graphically depicted. The doctor can assess cardiac efficiency and study the heart rhythm for a better understanding. When your doctor checks your pulse, there are a few scenarios where it might be detected, such as high heart rate, slow heartbeat, and so on. The ECG patterns will not only confirm modifications in the heart but also changes in the waves, which will provide information about heart illness and where areas of the heart are afflicted. The overall performance of electrocardiography is to get information



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