5G Presents New Opportunities for Electronics and Communication Industry


Advancement in the telecommunication industry profoundly impacts virtually all other sectors today. And since the arrival of 5G, digital connections worldwide are set to become broader and faster, providing all industries with a new platform to boost productivity and innovation. 5G networks will enable the Electronics and communication industry to play a more significant role in critical sectors, including retail, manufacturing, mobility, and healthcare. However, organizations present in the E&C sector are facing new challenges. Technological disruptions in the industry are coming from every angle, with the emergence of multiple start-ups and price wars in many geographical markets. High entry barriers and few competitive challenges in the industry are things of the past. Experts at IEBS help organizations in the E&C industry identify technological innovations at the right time so they can be fully prepared for upcoming disruptions. The team also assists them in building long-term future technical strategies that can help them to uncover hidden growth opportunities and reimagine their 2.0.


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