Energy saving methods of organic waste treatment by organic fertilizer equipment meet environmental requirements


The organic wastes used in the organic fertilizer equipment are mainly corrosive substances, so we must use closed trucks when collecting and transporting these wastes. These organic wastes easily emit odor, which not only pollutes the environment to a certain extent, but also brings great harm to the human body. Therefore, we should collect and use these organic wastes in time.

Although rice husk, sawdust and other auxiliary materials will not produce odor, dust will be generated during the unloading of raw materials. In addition, when the organic fertilizer crusher is used to crush the rice husk, dust and water vapor will also be generated when the rice husk is moved to the storage tank, around the crusher, and when the crushed rice husk is transported.

When crushing and pruning, if the organic fertilizer pulverizer is used, there will be no dust, but if the high-speed rotary crushing and air conveying are used for crushing and pruning, a considerable amount of dust and noise will be generated. In the mixing equipment, various raw materials are put into the mixer, especially when the compost returns with small water content and the mixed raw materials are discharged, odor and dust


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