Environmental issues that organic fertilizer plants should pay attention to

Many raw materials for organic fertilizer production contain a lot of water, such as pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other raw materials. During the material accumulation and fermentation process, the waste liquid will flow out and enter the ground, polluting the ground water. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out cement hardening and anti-seepage treatment on the ground of the fermentation workshop.
Dust pollution is the primary pollution and requires careful treatment. There are many links in which dust pollution occurs.
(1) Unloading raw materials into warehouses and transporting them in different workshops (2) Throwing raw materials (3) Crushing materials (4) Drying and cooling fertilizer granules. Many organic fertilizer manufacturers will build a dust removal room in the production workshop, and use induced draft fans and dust collectors to deal with the dust problem. Although dust is a source of pollution, these dusts all come from organic fertilizers. After collection, add raw materials for fermentation and continue to produce organic fertilizer.



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