FAQs in NPK compound fertilizer production line


1. What is a return issue?
In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process, the material return problem is affected by the granulation temperature and humidity. Strict control of returning temperature, particle size distribution, granulation humidity and other factors is crucial to granulation.
2. How does the melting point of a material affect viscosity?
The melting point of the mixed material is lower than the lowest melting point of the components, and the eutectic point of urea, potassium chloride and monoammonium phosphate is about 115 degrees. This temperature is the sticking point temperature. The operating temperature of the pellets should be maintained at this temperature. With the increase of water content, the viscosity and temperature of urea compound fertilizer decreased. Therefore, high temperature and low water conditions will not improve the granulation conditions. What’s more, it is not conducive to the drying and screening process.
3. What are the factors affecting the npk fertilizer production line?
When the difference in granulation temperature and humidity is smaller than air conditions, it is important to adapt to the external environment. The operation of the fertilizer granulator depends on the temperature and humidity of the granulation. 



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