Fermentation function of bio organic fertilizer tipping machine


omposting is a process in which organic matter is continuously degraded and stabilized under certain conditions through the action of microorganisms, and produces a product suitable for land use. Under the action of microorganisms, the organic fertilizer composter will make various organic substances in the composting process difficult to decompose, stable and easy to be absorbed by crops.

Inoculum. Adding microbial agents (microbial agents) to livestock manure can speed up the fermentation of compost. Adding stable fertilizer with good decomposability or compost with 10% – 20% of raw materials can speed up fermentation. During composting, microbial communities are formed in a natural way and participate in the fermentation of organic wastes and the decomposition of humus compounds.

The size of the compost material. With the movement of microorganisms on the surface of organic particles, reducing particle size and increasing surface area will promote microbial activity and accelerate composting. On the other hand, if the raw materials of the chicken manure organic fertilizer plant are too thin, it will hinder the air flow in the pile layer, reduce the amount of oxygen available in the pile layer, and then slow down the activity of microorganisms. Therefore,



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