Fermented chicken, duck and sheep dung requires organic fertilizer dumper


The compost turning machine has a wide range of raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer. The common ones are cow dung, pig dung, chicken dung, duck dung, sheep dung and other livestock and poultry dung. Such raw materials need to be biologically fermented, and then allowed to reach harmless treatment standards, so as to be further made into commercial organic fertilizers.

Advantages of stack type organic fertilizer turning machine:

1. The compost turning machine does not need to build a tank, and can directly stack the fertilizer on the ground in long strip stacks. The turner machine can regularly turn, mix and crush the materials, and decompose the organic matter under the condition of oxygen consumption.
2. The fermentation equipment has reliable performance, easy control, and strong site applicability. It can be operated in an open outdoor field or in a workshop. The fermentation effect is good, and it is suitable for refining high-quality organic fertilizer with an organic fertilizer granulator machine.
3. The stack turning and throwing machine adopts the design of the overall lifting of the frame, which can raise and lower the height of



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