Fermented cow dung flat die extrusion granulator eliminates drying steps


The flat die extrusion granulator is mainly used for grain processing in (biological) organic fertilizer and aquaculture processing industries. The surface of the granular material processed by this machine is smooth and clean, and the hardness is moderate. The temperature rise is low during the processing, and the nutritional components in the raw material can be well maintained. Due to the low water content of particles, it is easy to store, and greatly improves the utilization rate of materials.

Process characteristics of flat die extrusion granulator:

The flat mold granulator uses a universal joint, the differential is connected with the motor, and when it works, the mixed powder materials are added into the hopper without heating and drying. After extrusion, the processed particles have smooth surface, and the internal ripening and penetration. The materials are squeezed to the bottom by the grinding wheel, and then cut off by the scraper, which has the characteristics of no return, high particle strength, and low moisture.

Working principle of flat die extrusion granulator

The flat die extrusion granulator drives the belt and pulley by the motor and transmits them to the driving shaft through the reducer,



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