Fertilizer equipment Mixer mixes different raw materials to process fertilizer


There are many kinds of raw materials for organic fertilizer processing. We will use organic fertilizer mixing machine when processing. The different materials mixed by the mixer and the nutrient are even, so they can be suitable for the granulation of the organic fertilizer granulator machine.

So what are the characteristics of blenders and what are the common types? What are the specific functions? The following is a brief introduction to the twin shaft mixer and horizontal mixer.
The double shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shafts to transport dry ash and other powdery materials while adding water for mixing. It is suitable for organic fertilizer and NPK production line. The dry ash powder material is evenly humidified to achieve the purpose that the humidified material does not emit dry ash and does not exude water drops, so as to facilitate the loading and transportation of the humidified ash or transfer to other conveying equipment.
The horizontal mixer is a batch mixer, which is a small mixing equipment that can mix a variety of materials and is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer, NPK



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