Fertilizer machine manufacturers talk about the various elements contained in organic fertilizer

“Improving soil fertility, providing plant nutrition and improving crop quality” is the development aim of human society to discover, invent, manufacture and apply organic fertilizer. As we all know, the nutrients that plants need to absorb come from air or water, but more nutrients come from soil. So organic fertilizer is very important, the following professional¬†organic fertilizer machine¬†manufacturers talk about the various elements contained in organic fertilizer.
Plant protein is an essential component of organic structure in plants, which is of great significance to plant life activities. The essential macroelements of plant protein are carbon (c), hydrogen (H), oxygen (o), nitrogen (n), phosphorus (P), sulfur (s), potassium (k), magnesium (mg), calcium (CA), silicon (SI); trace elements are iron (FE), manganese (MN), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), boron (b), molybdenum (MO), chlorine (CL), sodium (NA), nickel (Ni). These nutrients can only come from the soil. Soil bears many elements that air and water do not have. In the soil, the lack of water or air, or the lack of an element, is a disaster for plant life.

In addition to supporting a few nutrients, chemical fertilizers cannot provide the trace elements and all


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