Fertilizer processed by organic fertilizer production line shall be used in agriculture


More and more organic fertilizer is to be used to in the agricultural industry, the organic fertilizer machine is to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer and it is to be used in organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer. 

In organic fertilizer production line, it is to be equipped with the disc granulator machine or the rotary drum granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator. Why we produce organic fertilizer granulator machine? The function of organic fertilizer has as follows:
1. Provide nutrients. Organic fertilizer contains not only mineral nutrients, but also organic components, which is conducive to improving the yield of crops and the quality of agricultural products. 
2. Improve soil fertility. The application of organic fertilizer can increase the content of soil organic matter, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the biodiversity of soil, and improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation. 
3. To protect ecological environment and make rational use of organic fertilizer resources can resources can maintain a virtuous cycle of materials, reduce the adverse impact of organic waste on the environment, protect the ecological environment, save fertilizer consumption, reduce engery consumption and environmental pollution. 



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