Frozen Bakery Market Growth, Development and Demand Forecast Report 2030


The fact that the phrase ‘breaking bread’ is used to describe a meal tells how important this humble baked product is for humans. Whether they are those that puff up when baked or unleavened, flat ones, breads are the primary source of carbohydrates, the main energy-giving foods, around the world. However, all such edible items are perishable and have a rather short best-before date, typically of 2–3 days from the day of manufacturing/cooking. Therefore, to increase their shelf life, they are now being deep-frozen.

This is why P&S Intelligence predicts significant growth for the frozen bakery market in the coming years. Freezing such products at between –18 to –40 degrees Celsius stops the growth of mold, thereby preventing them from spoilage and raising their shelf life to up to 12 months! Moreover, deep-freezing helps maintain the nutrient content of bakery products for longer. Hence, with people becoming aware of a healthy life and focusing increasingly on improving their diet, the demand for frozen bakery items is rising.

Apart from breads, cakes, pizzas, pastries, and a huge array of other bakery products are being frozen. In recent years, frozen pizzas have gained widespread popularity as they are readily available at supermarkets and gas



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