Full-automatic pig manure organic fertilizer production line helps farmers increase their income


Small pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment is based on some domestic farms, such as chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, and other chicken manure, livestock manure, as raw materials to ferment and produce small amounts of organic fertilizer, to solve the problem that the stink of chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure can not be handled in time, and the equipment price is low, and most farms can accept it.

The development of organic fertilizer equipment is getting faster and faster, especially in recent years, in view of the prominent problems in China’s agricultural production such as excessive use of fertilizer, low efficiency, and declining quality of cultivated land, the main goal of bio-organic fertilizer production equipment is to reduce the use of fertilizer, improve the quality of cultivated land, and realize the industrialization of new and efficient bio-fertilizer.

Individual organic fertilizer equipment configuration includes pulverizers, mixers, granulators, sievers and packers, and small organic fertilizer production line manufacturers. The entire set of equipment is only 50000 to 60000 yuan. The investment in equipment is not large, but a large amount of labor costs need to be invested in the later stage.

The complete set of


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