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Trans Vaginal Ultrasound skills have become a basic necessity for any gynecologist today. Most practicing gynecologists today prefer to their own scans since the perspective with which they look at the findings is sometimes rather different from the findings reported by a sonologist. Having strong and deep knowledge of ultrasonography will help the gynecologist take certain crucial and important decisions quickly, accurately and efficiently.


TVS skill set is essential for managing all of the following and much more


    Understanding any anatomical or pathological anomalies in the patient

    Detect various adnexa

    Identify fibroids, polyps, cysts and other such pathologies and plan their treatment

    All aspects of infertility treatment – diagnosis, stimulation for IUI / IVF, oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer and early pregnancy management

    Identifying ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages etc.


TVS in Infertility


TVS Ultrasound Scanning has become a crucial tool for the assessment and management of females undergoing assisted reproduction treatment.  U/S Scan permits the screening of women before infertility treatment. The prediction of ovarian reserve, whether the fallopian tube is open or blocked and endometrial receptivity, derived through ultrasound. It allows for direct monitoring of response to controlled ovarian stimulation for performing IUI procedure, for IVF stimulation protocols that



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