Good Effects of Rahu Mahadasha


Rahu Mahadasha can affect the lives of people in a lot of different and unexplained ways. The impact could be dangerous as well as beneficial. Whether it will be the good effects or the bad effects of the Rahu Dasha are completely dependent upon the planets and their movements. When an individual goes through this dasha, the person is very likely to remain confused, agitated and in some cases, a person can even become violent.


The dasha lasts for a period of 18 years of life. This long period can be mind-boggling for the person who goes through this dasha if the impact of it is too negative on one’s life. But when taken care of with the help of mantras and some steps the effects of this Rahu mahadasha tend to ease a little bit and in some cases almost vanish.


The Rahu Mahadasha has most unexpected encounters with the native’s birth chart thereby creating him either much well to do or too poor. Rahu finds a place in the 5th house, 8th or 12th house respectively. If somebody is within the positive glance of Rahu, that individual will enjoy a good time of happiness and success. The results are mostly



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