Greenhouse Semicircle Roof Transparent Color Steel Tile


Product Name: Greenhouse Semicircle Roof Transparent Color Steel Tile

Company Name: Foshan Star-source Metal products Co.,Ltd.

Address: Foshan Lecong Iron and Steel World zone A fourth road

Description: 1. Selection of materials: we select excellent materials for production, strictly follow the production steps of each step, check from the source, and refuse inferior materials;2. Convenient installation: easy installation, easy maintenance, easy transportation, convenient construction, time and labor saving;3. Recycling: color steel tile has the characteristics of easy disassembly, can be recycled, save resources

Contact: Dione

Telphone: 86-86-757-28869310-86-757-28869310

Fax: 86-86-757-28869310-86-757-28869310

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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