Harm of applying manure without decomposition

1. Heavy metal hazards
At present, all kinds of feed additives are used in intensive aquaculture, and most of them contain heavy metal elements such as copper, zinc and lead. The utilization rate of trace elements in livestock and poultry is usually low, and they are discharged out of the body with feces and urine. The content of heavy metals increased with the increase of the amount of chicken manure.
The high content of heavy metals can obviously inhibit the growth of vegetables. When the concentration of Cu, Zn and Pb in soil was 50 mg / kg, the elongation of tomato root was inhibited to some extent. When the concentration of Cu and Zn reached 400 mg / kg, the elongation of pepper or tomato root did not grow. When the lead concentration reached 2000 mg / kg, the elongation of pepper root was seriously inhibited.
In addition, lead can easily replace magnesium and zinc, inhibit the enzyme activities related to chlorophyll synthesis, affect the synthesis of chlorophyll, the content of chlorophyll in leaves decreases, the heart and leaves of pepper turn yellow, the seedlings are not long, and the growth point development is hindered
2. About the influence of caustic soda



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