High Precision Low Noise Slew Bearing For CT Scanner Machine


Product Name: High Precision Low Noise Slew Bearing For CT Scanner Machine

Company Name: Luoyang Heng Guan Bearing Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: Room1917, Block B, Yunfeng International, Jianxi district, Luoyang, China

Description: Slew Bearing For CT Scanner Machine is featured with high precision, high speed and low noise. Firstly, the 42CrMo quenched and tempered material is used to make the material performance better and more stable, which guarantees the product quality from the source; Secondly, the product raceway and appearance are comprehensively polished to ensure high product precision; Thirdly, for the product's silent requirements, a special segmented nylon cage device is used to lock the ball in the cage pocket while ensuring that the steel ball can rotate freely, thereby reducing the noise impact caused by the free movement of the cage in the raceway. Reduce rotating noise. Through the above efforts, we ensure that the finished products of the slewing ring meet various technical requirements.

Contact: Freya

Telphone: 86-0379-60697786

Fax: 86-0379-60697786

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.hgbearing.net/


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