High productivity Horizontal Continuous Strip Bright Annealing Line for stainless steel


High productivity, up to 100,000 tons annual throughtput, a record setting in the industry for continuous annealing stainless steel strip under control atmosphere; This bright annealing line combines with the latest technolgy of heat treatment for stainless steel strip featuring high production capacity. Large volume looper offers enough time for shearing and welding during the coil loading and unloading, which ensure non-stop operation for the annealing process. It meets the need fast growing demand of BA stainless steel coil.

A record breaking bright annealing line for stainless steel strip in the industry with over 100,000 tons annual output thank to Strong Metal’s newly developed large capacity heating furnace and cooling device which can achive very high processing speed. For more information, please feel free to contact our sales engineer for a free consultation.


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