Higher Study Abroad With Job Opportunities From Dhaka in UK, USA, Canada, and Australia


Study Abroad Career Programs from Dhaka in UK, USA, Canada, And Australia

A job or internship abroad is sometimes combined with study abroad (before, during, or after) to help you gain experience in an environment that is completely different from the classroom.

The easiest way to combine study abroad with work experience is to choose a study abroad program that includes an internship or apprenticeship in the service industry. For more information on our Study program, please see our International Internships section. A Trusted Consultancy Firm in Dhaka helps you to get a Job opportunity with Studying Abroad. 


Working Facility for Studying Abroad from Dhaka in UK, USA, Canada, and Australia  

Working abroad gives you a more exciting experience and allows you to gain fluency. Additional fees (tuition fees) may apply for overseas internship programs or employment programs. Don’t expect to fund your studies with a part-time job. At best, this can provide additional funds for your expenses. Students may struggle to balance work and Our International Education consultancy in Dhaka Keep you in a foreign environment.


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