House Melamine Kitchen Cabinets Packages


Product Name: House Melamine Kitchen Cabinets Packages

Company Name: Allure Cabinetry (Foshan)Co.,Ltd

Address: Marketing Center: B420 Feipeng Kitchen &Lighting City,Lecong, Foshan

Shandong Factory: No. 1 Manxing Road, Manshan Town,Lingang District, Weihai

Guangdong Factory: Nan Sha Street, Xi Qiao Town, Foshan,Guangdong

Description: Although the melamine kitchen cabinets is small, the corner space in the room is cleverly used to create a satisfactory kitchen to enhance the happiness of life.
Melamine kitchen cabinets is noble and elegant, with pure colors and beautiful shapes, which can arouse people's expectations for romantic love.
The melamine kitchen cabinets appliances are embedded, and the combination of high and low cabinets is staggered. Hang the hardware neatly on the cookware. Ingenious handle, effortless pushing and pulling, sorted storage of drawers and floor cabinets are neatly arranged

Contact: linan

Telphone: 86-0757-1234567

Fax: 86-0757-1234567

Email: [email protected]

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