How about the market of organic fertilizer? Great market potential


China’s attitude towards organic fertilizer production

I believe you have heard the news that the state vigorously supports the organic fertilizer industry from any way, and there are clear instructions:

(1) Party committees, governments at all levels, all agriculture-related institutions and fertilizer manufacturers must have a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of the production and use of organic fertilizer for China’s agricultural production. Only by using the organic fertilizer granulator to produce enough organic fertilizer can the quality and quantity of Chinese agricultural products be guaranteed.

(2) Take all powerful measures to give certain tax relief to enterprises producing high-quality organic fertilizer. Give certain subsidies to organic fertilizer manufacturers and purchase organic fertilizer equipment. Give farmers a certain subsidy policy for using organic fertilizer. (3) Maximize the use of all livestock manure. All crop straws and all organic materials are used to produce high-quality sheep manure organic fertilizer, cow manure organic fertilizer, nutrient organic fertilizer, straw organic fertilizer, etc. through the organic fertilizer granulator.

According to the survey of these data, how about the market of organic fertilizer? What is the prospect of organic fertilizer industry? You already have the answer in your



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