How can cow dung be fermented into organic fertilizer? What machines are needed?


If it is a small amount of operation, we can use manpower or a small agricultural forklift to carry out the tipping treatment. If the amount is large, we need to use a professional cow manure organic fertilizer composter. After the end of the fermentation cycle, our cow manure organic fertilizer will be fermented. However, the organic fertilizer fermented in this way is relatively crude, only suitable for self-use or short-distance sales, and the profit point is also very low. If it can be made into commercial organic fertilizer, the profit per ton should be at least 200-300.

If we want to produce commercialized organic fertilizer, we need to carry out further processing. Powdery organic fertilizer needs to be broken into powder by using cow manure organic fertilizer crusher, and granular organic fertilizer needs to be made into cow manure granular fertilizer by using organic fertilizer granulator. Therefore, we need to determine the production process of organic fertilizer according to the market situation, and determine the production process, so we can configure a complete set of equipment production plan targeted.



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