How can I get access to Microsoft 365 for free? How do I verify my Office 365 license?


Teachers and students at institutions that meet the criteria can sign up to Education for free which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional tools for classrooms. Utilize your school’s email address to start today. Microsoft provides Office 365 Education for free at many universities and schools. If you’re an educator or student, or your school is eligible for this offer, all you require is an email address that matches your school’s address. This is a totally no-cost version of Office 365, and you can enjoy this feature to the maximum extent it is possible.

Click Settings, then under My app settings, select Office 365. Then, on your My Account page, select Subscriptions. You’ll be able to see the services you’re authorized to use, including the most recent desktop version of Office, SharePoint in Microsoft 365 or OneDrive for school or work as well as Exchange Online.




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