How do organic fertilizer processing plants prevent secondary pollution?


The fermentation system of the organic fertilizer production process, whether it is the process, the operation of fertilizer processing equipment, or npk production line, will produce secondary pollution sources, pollute the natural environment, and affect people’s normal life. Pollution sources such as odor, sewage, dust, noise, vibration, heavy metals, etc.

How to reduce the secondary pollution of organic fertilizer manufacturing process?
(1) Dust prevention and equipment To prevent dust generated from processing equipment, a dust removal device should be installed.
(2) Prevention and control of vibration and equipment In fermentation equipment, vibration can be generated by the impact of materials in the crusher or the unbalanced rotation of the rotating drum. The way to reduce vibration is to install a vibration isolation plate between the equipment and the base, and make the base as large as possible. Especially in places where the ground is soft, understand the geological situation in advance before installing the machine.
(3) Noise control and equipment Measures should be taken to prevent and control the noise generated from the fermentation system. Equipment requiring measures to prevent and control noise is “air compressors and blowers”.



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