How does the disc granulator machine adjust the particle size?


The size of the particles is directly related to the speed of the disc granulator machine and the inclination of the disc.

First of all, the speed of the disc is too fast, the more times the material rolls in the disc per unit time, the larger the particles will be formed. Otherwise, smaller particles are formed. Therefore, it is essential to control the speed of the disc granulator.
Second, is the inclination of the disc. The larger the angle, the greater the force of gravity on the material, and the smaller the effective use area of the disc surface, which directly affects the ball forming rate of the disc granulator, so the speed increases, and at the same time, the inclination angle of the disc must increase.
A full set of organic fertilizer production line equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, weighing packaging machine. The granulator is the key equipment in the fertilizer production line, which determines the shape of the granules. There are different types of organic fertilizer granulator and compound fertilizer granulator, and different granulators can produce granules of different shapes. 



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