How does the disc granulator production line produce cow dung organic fertilizer?

1. Raw material ratio: 500 kg of cow dung + 300 kg of auxiliary materials + 200 kg of bacterial residue + 100 grams of bacterial agent. This recipe can also use other livestock and poultry manure.
2. Pile driving: piling is carried out according to the above raw material ratio requirements. There is no limit to the length. 4m wide and 2m high.
3. Add bacteria agent: the ratio is 1:5. After mixing the starter and the bacteria residue evenly, spread it on the surface of the bacteria pile.
4. Stirring and fermentation: After the temperature rises above 60°C, turn the pile with a crawler-type compost turner every 4-5 days.
5. Screening and crushing: Fermented organic fertilizer raw materials are screened and deeply crushed according to the above steps to become powdery organic fertilizer.
6. Granulation: The fermentation powder is granulated with a disc granulator machine.
7. Drying, cooling, and packaging: The prepared granules have a large moisture content and need to be dried to less than 20% of the organic fertilizer standard. After cooling, they are directly packaged.



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