How does the wet granulator work?


Common wet organic fertilizer granulators include: rotary drum granulatordisc granulator machine, new organic fertilizer granulator, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator Machines, various granulators have their own production characteristics, and the fertilizer granulator machine price vary.

1. Prepare
You need to ferment, pulverize and blend the organic material before pelleting. Inorganic materials are simply ground and mixed into a powder. Huaqiang Heavy Industry provides you with high-quality compost machines, fertilizer crushers and fertilizer mixers to do these jobs.
2. Wetting process
Add just the right amount of binder to help with clumping, you can also call this process wetting. You can spray the adhesive solution into the machine, or add the liquid as a foam. The type of binder solution varies depending on the raw material. It can be roughly divided into two types, aqueous solution or organic solvent. Aqueous solutions are cheap and safe, but take longer to dry. Organic solvents are volatile and suitable for moisture-sensitive materials. But they are more expensive and not good for the environment. Wet granulators use steam and steam to wet the material, they are cheap and environmentally friendly.



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