How much is a piece of fertilizer granulation equipment?

1. Drum mixing granulator
Drum mixing granulator is also called organic fertilizer special granulator, which is suitable for organic fertilizer production process. The shell is made of thickened spiral steel pipe, which is strong and durable. The inner lining is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. There is no need to add binders during granulation by drum stirring granulator. Using the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting air force, the fine powder fertilizer is continuously mixed in the machine to make granules.
2. Disc granulator
Disc granulator, also known as ball disc, adopts an overall arc structure. And the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. Our disc granulator has three outlets, which can improve labor efficiency. The flexible belt drive is used between the reducer and the motor, which can start smoothly and reduce the impact force of the buffer. It has a protective effect on the disc granulator. The disc granulator is one of the ideal equipment for fertilizer granulation. The disc granulator is widely used and can be used in organic fertilizer production line, npk fertilizer production line and so on.
3. Drum granulator



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