How much is the price of organic fertilizer machine and equipment

How much floor space is needed for organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment? How much is the price of professional organic fertilizer machine? These are the problems to be considered in the early stage of processing manure organic fertilizer. With the rapid development of aquaculture and the comprehensive development and utilization of crop straw, organic fertilizer machine has become the main means of recycling organic waste. With the development of biogas manure construction, the reasonable development and utilization of biogas slurry and feces has become a very difficult problem. The complete set of organic fertilizer processing equipment has successfully utilized the biogas slurry manure reasonably.
The core equipment of the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment is the fermentation compost turning machine and fertilizer granulator. In composting, we need to add some auxiliary materials in order to adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio, pH, and water content of the raw materials. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials that are roughly stacked together in proportion can be mixed evenly by the organic fertilizer turning machine to achieve the purpose of tempering.
In the operation of the organic fertilizer composting machine, the



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