How much production space does a small organic fertilizer production line need?


How big is the site area for a 10,000-ton small-scale organic fertilizer production line? The site area of the 10,000-ton organic fertilizer production line is basically 1,500 square meters, including fermentation workshops, production lines, finished product workshops, and office areas. The current commonly used production line is equipped with a new type of organic fertilizer granulation production line. The raw material is livestock and poultry manure, and the auxiliary material is finished organic fertilizer produced from straw.

10,000 tons of organic fertilizer production line site layout planning:
Among them, the fermentation workshop is 500 square meters, and the production line is 600 square meters. Other areas can be allocated according to the actual situation. The organic fertilizer production line uses fresh manure as raw material, and through a series of production and processing solutions, it produces a complete set of organic fertilizers that are pure natural organic chemical manure fertilizers.



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