How much will it cost to set up an organic fertilizer production line in the countryside to process fertilizer?


China is a large agricultural country, with an effective land planting area of more than 3.1 billion mu, and a large demand for fertilizer. With the rapid development of social economy, people’s awareness and requirements for organic and green food are gradually increasing, and the development of organic agriculture and ecological agriculture is also gradually increasing. The application of chemical fertilizer in agricultural production has led to soil hardening and degradation of agricultural product quality, resulting in low crop yield. Therefore, the State encourages the use of organic fertilizer and has issued relevant subsidies and preferential policies, which has promoted the development of the organic fertilizer industry, and also brought good development opportunities and good market prospects to the organic fertilizer industry.

The factories that set up an organic fertilizer equipment production line to process fertilizer in the countryside are generally privately built, so a small organic fertilizer equipment production line with an annual output of about 10000 tons is sufficient to meet the sales demand. The primary focus of the organic fertilizer processing is the purchase of raw materials, and the most simple and small production line of organic fertilizer is raw and auxiliary materials:

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