How to build a fully automatic organic fertilizer production line in the farm


How to build a fully automatic organic fertilizer production line in the farm

The scale of livestock farms in China is becoming larger and larger, and the feces produced every day are difficult to be treated. The feces of livestock and poultry farms are treated innocuously through the equipment of the production line for processing organic fertilizer in livestock and poultry farms, and the feces of livestock and poultry farms are comprehensively utilized to prevent the pollution of the feces to the environment, while promoting the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

The production of organic fertilizer by livestock manure fermentation requires good (consumption) oxygen fermentation. Therefore, the oxygen supply measures should be increased during the operation process, so as to achieve uniform mixing, frequent turnover and ventilation. Otherwise, it will lead to anaerobic fermentation and odor, affecting the fertilizer effect. Fermentation is complete. Generally, 48 hours after pig manure is piled up, the temperature rises to 50~60 ℃, and the temperature can reach above 65 ℃ on the third day. At this high temperature, it will be overturned once by the organic fertilizer fermentation tipper. Generally, there will be two times of high temperature above 65 ℃ during the fermentation process.


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