How to build a simple organic fertilizer production line in a chicken farm


How to build a simple organic fertilizer production line in a chicken farm

  1. Chicken dung is combined with corncob to produce organic fertilizer. The chicken dung and corncob are fully mixed with a forklift. The corncob absorbs the water in the chicken dung, and the water content of chicken dung is reduced. After the corncob absorbs water, it and chicken dung together produce heat fermentation, and produce organic fertilizer after sterilization and ripening. Due to the addition of corncob, the content of organic matter in organic fertilizer reached the required standard, while the content of heavy metals in chicken manure was also diluted and decreased.
  2. Raw materials (taking the production of 1 ton of organic fertilizer as an example): 1.8 tons of human manure or livestock manure, 0.3 tons of straw powder or leaf powder, 2.5 kg of corn flour, and 1 kg of bacterial rapid fermentation agent. Human excrement, livestock and poultry excrement+leaves or straw powder+corn flour+bacteria species→mixing → composting → drying. First, control the water content of the mixed raw materials to about 40% – 50%, then mix the bacteria with the water surface, spread it on the surface of the mixed fertilizer, and manually and evenly



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