How to build a small organic fertilizer production line and choose the appropriate granulator according to the raw materials


There are so many fertilizer machine manufacturers in the market, what kind of granulator should be used? Today, here are some granulator purchasing strategies, which can help you to take less detours and spend less money wrongly.
First of all, we have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each granulator machine for fertilizer.
Extrusion granulator belongs to dry granulation. It does not need drying process. It has high granulation density, good fertilizer efficiency and full organic matter content. It also saves money to buy dryer and cooler, saves a large part of capital. However, it is easy to jam the machine when the field crops are sown by machine, and the fluidity is not very good. The granulator machine for fertilizer can be used to produce organic fertilizer, but the granulation rate is low and there are few users. If organic inorganic organic fertilizer is produced, this process can be selected.


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