How to choose an appropriate address for building an organic fertilizer equipment factory


In the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people have put forward new requirements for the quality of food, and “pollution-free” has become the standard for people to measure the quality and safety of food and vegetables. Therefore, green food with organic fertilizer is deeply loved by consumers. It also provides broad development space for organic fertilizer.

After handling all the opening procedures, it is necessary to select the appropriate site for the plant construction. The general principle for the selection of the plant site for the organic fertilizer equipment is as follows: far away from the residential area, select the downdraft; Adjust measures to local conditions, compact layout, and try to use the abandoned land: separate the living area from the plant site to maintain environmental sanitation.

  1. Terrain and terrain: The fertilizer plant should be built in a high, dry, flat and well-drained place, with the lowest level higher than the local historical flood line. Its underground water level should be below 3 meters, which can avoid the threat of flood in rainy season. The area of the site can be determined according to the management mode and the layout of the plant (including the processing



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