How to choose turning machine in organic fertilizer production equipment

Organic fertilizer production line includes fermentation process, crushing process, mixing process, granulation process, drying and cooling process, screening process, coating process and packaging process. Organic fertilizer production equipment includes raw material composting fermentation equipment, compost turning machine, drum screening machine, fertilizer granulator, cooling machine, etc., in which fermentation compost tipper plays an important role in the whole process.
There are two types of turner machine: trough compost turner and windrow turner. The following will focus on how to choose this type of machine for fertilizer plants.
1.Equipment investment cost: The main power of the trough type compost turning machine is electric start, and the cost is relatively low; the power mode of the crawler type compost turning machine is diesel engine, and the cost is relatively high.
2. Factory site: The trough-type turner machine is restricted by the site and must build a fermentation tank, and can only move on the fermentation tank; the windrow turner is not limited by the site, can turn freely at 180°, and can be opened when used. .
trough compost turning machinewindrow turner
3. Processing capacity: The trough-type turner can be



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