How to correctly operate the organic fertilizer composter to ferment dung


How to correctly operate the organic fertilizer composter to ferment dung

(1) Understand the operation method, protection method, production capacity and application scope of the organic fertilizer composter, understand the effect of all controllers and alarm devices of the equipment, and pay attention to the safety accidents that will occur if the organic fertilizer equipment continues to operate under low pressure and high temperature.

(2) The main function of the organic fertilizer composter is to ferment animal manure on the farm and convert it into green organic fertilizer through a series of operation methods. Since this product is mainly used on farms, we must ensure the safety of cattle and other farmed animals during use. Generally speaking, when using, try to avoid conflicts with the feeding time of animals, separate them from these times, or drive animals to other places for captive breeding, so as to avoid mechanical noise affecting cattle and causing adverse consequences.

(3) Before starting the organic fertilizer composter, be sure to acknowledge that the protection device is safe and undamaged, check whether the oil circuit system is normal and whether there is oil leakage, check whether all components in the tipper have


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