How to correctly regulate the pH value of organic fertilizer equipment during fermentation

Organic fertilizer production equipment will be affected by many factors when processing and producing fertilizer, including the carbon nitrogen ratio, moisture, particle size and pH value of compost. Unsuitable pH value will affect the reproduction, decomposition and survival of fermentation bacteria. Neutral or alkaline environment is conducive to the reproduction, decomposition and survival of fermentation bacteria. We will explain in detail how to adjust and control pH value correctly when organic fertilizer equipment ferments.
The suitable living environment for bacteria and actinomycetes is neutral or slightly alkaline, while fungi like acid. During the fermentation of organic wastes such as faeces, some organic acids are released when bacteria and fungi decompose and digest organic matters. Organic acids continuously ferment in manure and other organic wastes, which will form the accumulation of organic acids and reduce the pH value of fermentation materials. The pH environment is suitable for the reproduction and decomposition of fungi and the degradation of wood and fiber in fermentation materials. With the further degradation of organic acids by fermentation bacteria, the pH value of fermentation materials slowly began to increase. The appropriate pH environment made actinomycetes and fungi began to multiply, decompose and



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