How to determine the project scale of organic fertilizer production line according to the output

Organic fertilizer production line is a good investment project for many people now, because organic fertilizer equipment is not only in line with the development trend of environmental protection, but also a kind of practical agricultural machinery. Fertilizer granulator manufacturers lead you to understand how to determine the project scale of fertilizer production line.

1. Determine the scale of fertilizer production line: for example, choose large, medium or small fertilizer equipment? How many tons per hour, or how many tons per hour, can be produced in a complete organic fertilizer production line. Consider the price of the equipment.
2. To determine the shape of particles means to choose which granulator: powder organic fertilizer does not need fertilizer granulation equipment, and drying and cooling and other follow-up treatment equipment, with less investment and simpler process technology of fertilizer production line. Cylindrical, flat round granular products to use flat die pellet mill, ring die pelleting machine. The standard spherical fertilizer is processed by rotary drum granulator, disc granulator and organic fertilizer granulator.

3. Determine the allocation level of organic fertilizer equipment: the price of organic fertilizer equipment is different, the amount of


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